How to maximise being shortlisted for a UK VA Award

There is so much more to the Awards process than winning, you also need to learn how to maximise being shortlisted for a category.

Here at the UK VA Awards, we announce of shortlist of candidates, before announcing the finalists (then the Winners and Runners Up get announced at the UK VA Awards event itself.)  I think it is safe to say that becoming a finalist in any industry awards takes hard work; impressing our industry judges is not easy, especially ones who know the VA industry inside and out. 

By having VA industry experts, the judging process benefits from both their knowledge and experience – truly making these awards credible and highly valued by both the winners and the profession. 

Applications get reviewed, information presented checked and verified and judges discuss where necessary any applications that need clarification. 

We all know that winning is obviously the one outcome we would all love to have, but making the shortlist of candidates and then the finalists list –  deserves your recognition and celebration.

Making the shortlist is a massive  achievement. So please take the time to promote and celebrate your success.

Let me share 5 ways on how you can benefit from being Shortlisted or a Finalist. 

  1. Download and share your Shortlisted logo everywhere. As part of the UK VA Awards, you will be sent a badge / logo to share on your website and your social media.  Add it to your website, social media profiles and email signatures; you could also include it on any presentational materials.
  2. Blog about being shortlisted! This is exciting stuff and so now is not the time to be shy. 
  3. The finalists announcement will be 2 weeks before the actual UK VA Conference and Awards and so now is the time to build the anticipation and excitement. So use social media to really highlight your success so far in the process. 
  4. My mum always taught me that someone has to win and someone has to lose, as an only child this wasn’t too bad a concept to accept. My husband on the other hand is one of 3 boys and has to win. But with awards there is more to it than winning a great trophy and the honour of the title.  As a finalist you can share the hell out of the fact that you are a finalist in the UK VA Awards.  Hard work and recognition has gotten you this far and in an industry which is growing you should be proud of what you have done to date. So be proud and keep sharing your success.  Even being shortlisted will help you when marketing to new clients.
  5. Book your ticket to the UK VA Conference and Awards, this will give you chance to be in the room with other amazing Virtual Assistants and some of the judging panel.  It’s a great way of building relationships and learning from one another and you never know what collaborations make take place moving forwards. 

So, until the Winners are announced, keep your fingers crossed, keep  sharing that you are a shortlisted finalist (and then finalist).  If you don’t get any further than this, please don’t be disappointed – not everyone got as far as you in the process, so do remember to maximise being shortlisted.  Be proud of what you have achieved to date and remember to enter the awards next year.

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