Jargon and Confusion over Data Privacy

Now we have established who is who when it comes to data privacy, we need to move on to what that actually means – who does what. Who does what and what paperwork they issue to whom is a function of which role you are acting within.

Is data privacy hard for Virtual Assistants?

Is data privacy hard for Virtual Assistants? If you are a new VA you may find yourself struggling with what people tell you about data privacy and GDPR. There’s a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation going around.

How the UK VA Conference 2023 helped to cement my resilience for the future

Sam Hogwood shares her experience of the UK VA Conference 2023 and UK VA Awards 2023 in this guest blog: “How the UKVA Conference 2023 helped to cement my resilience for the future”. A lot…

The Story behind the VA Lounge

The UKVA Conference and Awards are hugely excited to have The VA Lounge sponsor the drinks reception of the UKVA Awards 2023.  I am so excited to share the story behind The VA Lounge and…

How the UKVA Conference turned my business around

In this guest blog, Sam Hogwood shares her story on “How the UKVA Conference 2022 turned her business around and why she feels every VA should attend the UKVA Conference 2023.” I was at a turning point when I attended the VA Conference in September 2022. I’d been a reasonably successful VA just before covid took hold in early 2020. The pandemic started to open up the online business world, and I had several clients I enjoyed supporting and the challenge of a couple I didn’t — everyday life as a self-employed VA.