Alan and Emily Braithwaite

Alan and Emily Braithwaite

Yellow Tuxedo

Meet Emily and Alan Braithwaite, the dynamic duo behind Yellow Tuxedo, the internet's brightest online visibility specialists! They are not your average marketing company. They are all about teaching people how to stand out in the crowd for themselves with practical support, training and mentorship. Alan, the creative force, and Emily, the tech wizard, go together like an ice cold gin and tonic, or better still, like an awesome yellow jacket paired with an awesome pair of yellow trousers. With their powers combined, they've created a business that's as unforgettable as Alan's collection of questionable Hawaiian shirts.

They understand that online visibility isn’t just about being seen—it’s about making an impact, building human connections in a digital world, and creating a lasting legacy.

Their uncanny ability to seamlessly merge fun and professionalism is what sets them apart in the world of small business marketing. If you’re tired of the same old stuffy, corporate image and want to show up with your business on your terms, simply and efficiently, then Yellow Tuxedo are the people for you.

Together, Emily and Alan are the ultimate fighting team.. Their energy is matched only by their unwavering dedication to their clients. The cheerleading duo will go above and beyond to make sure you feel confident and have the skills to grow your business online in a way that feels right to you.

Emily Braithwaite

Emily is a gin drinking, sea loving, adventure seeking, mum of three kids and seven chickens who also bakes the worlds best tear and share bread..

Emily’s Top Trumps..
Creativity- 88
Training- 100
Knowledge- 92
Years in business- 10
Amount of gins consumed- enough to deal with Alan!

Superpowers- Google, SEO, Instagram, content creation, positivity.

Alan Braithwaite

Alan secretly [or not so secretly] believes he’s the rock, loves the colour yellow, running, vests, Hawaiian shirts, smart tech and burgers.

Alan’s Top Trumps..
Creativity- 100
Training- 60
Knowledge- 91
Years in business- 10
Amount of burgers consumed- too many!

Superpowers- YouTube, Email marketing, Strategic planning, podcasting and entertaining

Alan and Emily's Session

Alan and Emily will be delivering a fast paced energetic session for us at this years UKVA Conference:

Session: How the heck do you stand out from the crowd when marketing your business in 2023?