Jane Thomas

Jane Thomas

Premier Life Skills

Jane Thomas has utilised her background as a Cardiac Nurse Consultant Practitioner to establish herself as a highly skilled mental health and wellbeing trainer for over 17 years. Jane's primary focus revolves around creating healthier work environments through the development of effective teamwork, the enhancement of wellbeing, the cultivation of leaders and teams, and the fostering of resilience.

As the driving force behind Premier Life Skills, Jane is profoundly passionate about delivering high-quality training and support to her clients. Her company proudly serves as an accredited centre for the Level 5 Diploma in Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness. In addition, Jane holds the esteemed position of a Senior Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps, an ISO-accredited assessment tool utilised to evaluate motivation and satisfaction levels.

Her extensive experience and expertise make her an exceptional choice for organisations seeking to invest in their employees’ health and wellbeing. Furthermore, her services are invaluable for enhancing team performance, productivity, and motivation.

Jane's Sessions

Jane is running 2 sessions for us at this years UKVA Conference:

Session 1:  “Is Resilience a Fundamental Trait?”

Session 2: “Boost your Motivation, ignite the fire within”