History of the UK VA Awards

The UK VA Awards, also known as the UK Virtual Assistant Awards, were established in 2007 to recognise and celebrate the achievements of virtual assistants and their contributions to the industry. 

The awards were originally founded by Carmen MacDougall and then bought in 2012 by John Palmer who wanted to create a platform to showcase the valuable work that virtual assistants do. 

The awards have recognised virtual assistants across a range of categories over the years.

Today, the awards are open to virtual assistants based in the UK and are judged by a panel of industry experts.

Over the years, the UK VA Awards have grown in popularity, with more and more virtual assistants entering and being recognised for their hard work and dedication. The awards have also become an important networking event for virtual assistants, providing them with the opportunity to meet and connect with other professionals in the industry, which is why today they are presented and the UK national Virtual Assistant Conference. 

In addition to recognising individual virtual assistants, the UK VA Awards also honor VA businesses that demonstrate excellence in the provision of virtual assistant services. The awards aim to raise awareness of the role of virtual assistants and their importance in today’s business world.

Overall, the UK VA Awards have played an important role in promoting the virtual assistant industry in the UK and recognizing the hard work and dedication of those who work in this field.

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