Feedback & Testimonials


Feedback and Testimonials


UK VA Conference 2019: #VACon19 @PAShowuk

Theme for 2019:

From #VA to #AI - Are all Virtual Assistants going to be Digital Nomads?

Learning Points and Objectives - a summary:

Learn tools and techniques to help you understand your own business and market positioning.
Raise your awareness in the business world and what the client expects of a Virtual Assistant.
Improve understanding of the legal framework required to run any UK Virtual Assistant business.
Time is money - review effective and efficient ways of working and marketing your business.
Share the knowledge of the profession’s leaders and explore business opportunities for 2019 and beyond.
Network peer to peer, meet and understand which support groups can help you as a VA.


This year's #VACon19 at #PAShow19 was the best yet! So much to take away.

One whole day of learning.

Great event today #VACon19

As someone who wants to be a VA, it is essential to attend this event

I had a great time!

Fabulous! Nicely done

Brill day had at vaconference.

A couple of years back I attended a session on how to become a VA & this year on strategy for how to grow your business

Had a very successful day at VA Conference and The PA Show at Olympia.

Very inspirational & motivating chatting to other VAs to discuss ideas and collaborate

Loving the various sessions of the #VACon19

What a brilliant UK VA Conference #VACon19

Thanks for an amazing two days #VACon19 #UKVAawards

Such a great day!!

Thoroughly enjoyed attending the VA Conference

Thank you very much for organising a great VA show.

Attended a packed session at the VA Conference at Olympia today

It was a brilliant day, and I had so much in the way of information to bring back with me. 

Thank you to the amazing organisers, speakers and everyone else we were able to meet

We've had a great day

See you all next year!

So good sessions. Got something from each session I attended.

VA Breakfast session was so funny and a great inspiration in how to keep going no matter what.

Great speakers and panellists. Thank you.

Fabulous panel sessions - so much knowledge shared. Thank you

Caroline Wylie (SVA) - great interactive conclusion, so much fun!

Henry Herbert (Herbert Ball LLP) - GDPR, - structured talk on what we needed to look for in the future

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy (CEO, Tapoly) - spoke about insurance and why Virtual Assistants need it

Ami Copeland (Director, ICB) - what we need to do to be compliant with Money Laundering Regulations and Tax Going Digital,

Alexandra Galviz (Voice of LinkedIn UK) a session that produced so many ideas; my notepad was bulging by the end of it.

UK VA Conference 2017: 10th Anniversary @Officeshow

Learning Objectives:
New Frontiers – New Opportunities: The concept for the 2017 VA Conference provides a framework to discuss the implications of social, economic and political developments of recent months. Currently there is an increasing demand for VA standards to fulfill legal and good practice guidelines. The business challenges continue to be acquiring clients and developing markets, locally and/or internationally. Business development and sustainability can be enhanced by working with trusted associates that can continue to meet your client expectations, particularly with specialists delivering bespoke solutions. Let’s explore!

2017 Feedback: Delegates’ comments:
“Loved every minute of it”
“I had an amazing day”
“Great day – not to be missed.”
“I'm looking forward to next year already!”
“I love meeting up with my VA colleagues & finding out what's new in the profession”
“Great guidance from some industry leaders!”
“Fab. It's always a good event to get together with everyone.”
“The quality of the speakers has been superb – well done see you next year!”
“Had fun today connecting with other VAs and PAs”
“Super format this year – this really works!”
“Great line up of speakers + didn’t disappoint”
“BeMyVA have now run this event for three years. It just keeps getting better!”

VA Breakfast – Panel: Caroline Wylie, Charlotte Wibberley Joanne Munro
“Interesting VA Breakfast this morning at VACon17”.
“Since first one with Suzanne Dibble, BeMyVA have set the VA standards”.
“Useful session – look forward to next survey results”.
“Good to see the basic standards are being adopted”.
“More VAs need to provide their feedback to the surveys”.

Session 1 – Amanda Johnson
“Thank you for a great session.”
“Change your mindset from being a 'doer' to the CEO of your VAbusiness - best thing I've learned today from Amanda”
“Quote of the session from Amanda - Brainstorming Brilliance”
“Amanda, you tell it like it is and keep it real. This is a bonus and puts me at ease. V.informative”
“Many thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts”

Session 2 – Joanne Hawkins
“Another fab session at VA Conference with Executive VPA on top tips for networking. Thank you Joanne!”
“Thank you Joanne for an awesome talk on Networking.”
“Joanne great seminar at VA Conference - thank you! I'm looking forward to grabbing hold of the door handle and opening the door!”
“Joanne that was brilliant”
“Thanks – this has been really helpful for me and my fears for networking”

Session 3 – Susan Moore
“Thanks Susan for a superb talk on taking on associates. So helpful.”
“This session has been so useful. Thank you”
“Susan knows her stuff – thank you for sharing.”
“In business for 10 years – that’s an achievement in itself – and we can see how and learn why today. Thank you Susan.”
“Getting Associates and then working Internationally is the way forward – this is a big help towards taking the right steps.”

Session 4 - Aimee Bateman
“The frankness was so refreshing – thank for such an informative session”
“Enlightening - your seminar has given me so many ideas!”
“Thank you for the most amazing inspirational seminar at the #vacon17 at @officeshow”
“Thoroughly enjoyed meeting & listening to Aimee. Your talk was inspiring & motivating. Def giving video a go!”
“Met Aimee Bateman from Careercake today - she is awesome!”
“Thank you so much and your talk today was inspirational!”
“Absolutely amazing, amazing, amazing Aimee Bateman session.”
“So passionate and engaging”
“Thank you for the most amazing inspirational seminar at VA Conference”
“17 Million views! You so deserve your success!”

Session 5 – Lilach Bullock
“The tips Lilach provided were worth the price of the whole conference – fabulous!”
“Excellent tips – quite obvious that you are an influencer/award winner”
“You were by far the best speaker for me!”
“This session will now help to save me so much time and money.”
“What a 10 year journey for Lilach. Just starting out. I can do this.”
“Top priorities - signing up to follow you and get your newsletter now.”
“Twitter rules – top tips, thanks Lilach.”
“Fab tools recommended by Lilach.”
“Loved this session aka from VA to world recognised star - inspiring!”
“An outstanding end to an outstanding day @vaconference, Thank you Lilach.”

Feedback and Testimonials from VA Conference 2015

Learning Objectives:
Gain an understanding of the legal framework required to run a Virtual Assistant business. Become aware of the mindset transition required: from employee to business owner. Increase awareness that time is money – consider more effective and efficient ways of working. Learn tools and techniques to help you understand your own business and market position. Consider what the business world expects of a Virtual Assistant. How to survive and thrive as a VA in 2016.

CPD Feedback:
Did the Conference meet all of the learning objectives stated:
100% of delegate responses: “Yes”

Overall did you enjoy the Course/Event and find it beneficial?
I really enjoyed it and learnt so much – thank you
Very much – totally grounds you!
Surpassed Expectations
All of it!
I learnt so much!
Very beneficial
Loads of useful content
Thank you so much
It’s been fabulous!
Much enjoyed
So much to take in

Delegates’ additional comments:
“I wish I could have attended a conference like this years ago!”
“Last year’s was a brilliant event for VA learning, and this year’s was even better”
“More VAs need to support and attend this event”
“Networking opportunities were excellent”
“More VAs need to attend this event!”
“Great chance to network with other VAs and swap ideas etc.”
“Open networking”
“So helpful. Got all of the answers that I was looking for”
“I have got everything I need from this conference – it’s been great”
“Yesterday provoked so many ideas - today may cause an explosion!”
“I will be back next year”

Event Rating:
Event Rating - Overall: 97.7%
Event Rating - Day 1: 95.6%
Event Rating - Day 2: 100.0%

Programme Content:
Helpful: 98.1%
Relevant: 98.0%
Pace: 97.2%
Level: 97.3%
Overall: 97.7%

Action Points/what will I do better as a result of attending?
Be more efficient and pass excellent tips to clients
More boundaries in my work/life balance
Work on my business not in my business
More networking
Start working with Associates
Goal Setting
Action planning
Be slicker with MS Office
Work on my business development
Time out to work on own business
Use more associates to grow my business
Need to review and update my customer and associate docs
I need to think more about my business, and how I do business
Going to look at my legals and insurances
Review how I can charge clients

Speakers - General and specific comments:

Speaker sessions feedback:
Three sessions scored between 95.8% and 97.4%
Five sessions scored between 97.6% and 99.0%

“Great, generous sharing of knowledge”
“Excellent sessions”

Most beneficial sessions?
“All speakers, especially Paul Pennant”
“All sessions – especially Experts, Discussions, Networking”
“All of Second day’s sessions were so useful”
“All sessions very informative”
“All sessions were of benefit”

Session 1 - Penny Power
Enjoyed Penny’s Session - empowering
Great profiling segment
Given me a night of brainstorming ...

Session 2 – John Palmer
Session 3 - Suzanne Dibble
John’s session was a real eye-opener – so many things I now know that I need to know
Suzanne: I know so much more about my legal responsibilities
John and Suzanne: Can use so much of this info to also help clients

Session 4 and Session 9 – Paul Pennant
Paul Pennant – Just fab!
Loved the tips and techniques from Paul, so much I didn’t know.
Excel, Outlook, Mail Merges and loads more – will save me time and stress!

VA Business Workshops:
Session 7 Amanda Johnson

Session 8 Angela Dawson
Session 9 Susan Moore
Need to speak to more of these Experts – so helpful
Amanda - Fabulous session, really reminded me of my why and what I need to do now
Angela’s session will be a great help for me to break down my barriers to networking.
Amanda and Susan’s sessions – both ‘struck home’


Feedback and Testimonials from VA Conference 2014


Our Learning Objectives:
Gain an understanding of the legal framework required to run a Virtual Assistant business. Become aware of the mindset transition required: from employee to business owner. Increase awareness that time is money – consider more effective and efficient ways of working. Learn tools and techniques to help you understand your own business and market position. Consider what the business world expects of a Virtual Assistant.

CPD Feedback:
Did the Conference meet all of the learning objectives stated:
100% of attendees responded “Yes”

Delegates’ additional comments:
“Absolutely, have taken an enormous amount away”
“Fully met my objectives”

Overall did you enjoy the Course/Event and find it beneficial?
“Without doubt!”
“Simply the best”

Event Rating:
Event Rating - Overall: 94.2%
Event Rating - Day 1: 92.2%
Event Rating - Day 2: 96.1%

Programme Content:
Helpful: 92.7%
Relevant: 91.7%
Pace: 93.8%
Level: 94.8%
Overall: 93.2%

Action Points/what will I do better as a result of attending?
More business partnerships
New Levels of IT Support
Learn even more on how to use LinkedIn
Push my business forward to launch in March next year
Social Media engagement
Social Media and Marketing
Streamlining my business
Planning my transition to becoming a VA
Talking with the “right” people
Use social media more effectively
Build strategic partnerships
Social Media course asap!
Consider working with associates
Never thought it was possible to build relationships on-line, now I do!
Promote myself!
Get better legal documents in place
Legal guide essential to get this right
Review clients more regularly
Think differently about on-line community

Feedback and testimonials:
Brilliant Conference.

Organisation superb – splendid content, smashing event.

Great Content – skilfully delivered.

The sessions were fantastic, the perfect blend and appropriate to both me as a newbie and existing VAs. The networking is invaluable, feeling connected and supported is so important, the event gave me that and so much more.

It has made me think of lots of stuff that would never have occurred to me.

An excellent 2 days – great content and networking opportunities (+ Fab party!!) :-)

It has been a great professional experience.

The sessions were informative, beneficial and excellent groundwork introduction to setting up as a VA.

Interesting and useful event.

Each part was different, interesting and informative.

Taken on board lots of notes and met loads of new VAs, made lots of contacts.

Changed my mindset about many things (eg social media, and being a salesperson).

Very helpful and practical advice on how to progress. Fabulous Conference.

I now have a much better idea of where I will go with my social media strategy.

Very useful. Lots of practical advice.

This sessions added more value to what I anticipated, a real eye opener, great content and excellent speakers.

Very informative and interesting.

Everything was beneficial, particularly the legal and setting up sessions outlined matters I was not aware of.

Lots of info and top tips.

Very beneficial lots of really useful & practical advice.

More confident with legal protection.

More VAs need to attend this event.

Absolutely Brilliant!

- General and specific comments:

Speaker sessions feedback:
Four sessions scored between 89.8% and 92.8%
Two sessions scored between 94.4% and 96.8%
Two sessions scored between 98.1% and 100%

Very beneficial – great content and speakers – all very knowledgeable.

Sessions with Suzanne Dibble, Penny Power, Paul Pennant and John Palmer were brilliant.

Found all elements exceptional – loved Penny Power and Paul Pennant in particular having not seen them speak before. Carmen, Suzanne and John fantastic as ever.

Suzanne Dibble’s and Penny Power’s sessions – both informative.

Session 1 – Suzanne Dibble
Made the legal content interesting.
Suzanne has made me understand how important the right legal documents are.

Session 2 and Session 6.1 – Carmen MacDougall
“How to create strategic partnerships” was the most beneficial for me.
Carmen’s is fantastic.

Session 3 – Paul Pennant
Great presentation skills really engaging.
Great shortcuts - time saver.
Paul Pennant was brilliant.

Session 4 - Penny Power
Amazing – thought provoking and motivational.
Thought provoking, inspirational and tools/tips and meaning.
Penny’s session was inspiring.

Session 6.2 and Session 7.1 – John Palmer
John’s session has prompted me to realise that what I know in the corporate world can be applied to my own future VA business.

Session 7.2 – Amanda Johnson
LinkedIn session – Superb.


Testimonials from previous VA Conferences - 2007 - 2012


I thoroughly enjoyed the day it went by so quickly I tried to absorb every bit. I will be back for more definitely. The speakers were amazing …inspirational people.


Congrats on the conference.


Just wanted to say a big thank for putting on such an amazing event: my first of many I hope. I really had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the speakers and workshops.


Well done and thank you for such a fun and valuable day on Friday. It was really fantastic to meet so many other VAs, a lot of whom I only knew by name or reputation before.


Thank you for all the hard work that went in to putting together the conference on Friday. I found it truly inspirational in getting things moving in starting up my business. All in all a great day and I’m looking forward to coming back next year, as a successful VA with a year’s experience under my belt!


I very much enjoyed all aspects of the day – it was very motivational but also educational and I learnt a lot from the workshops. It was also a great atmosphere and stimulating throughout. Once again, many thanks for such a well-organised and enjoyable day.


Thank you for an amazing conference on Friday! It far exceeded my expectations in terms of speakers, content and delegates. I thought the speakers were very motivational and inspiring and some of the VAs I met are just incredible.


What an amazing, inspiring and so enjoyable day. I loved the synergy of the speaker’s themes. It was great to catch-up ….but also to meet new people.


Twitter Feedback

@KellyCairns: Had an amazing time. Even better than last year. Well done and thank you! Xx

@PA247: @VAConference11 you created an exciting and inspiring day for all of us

@NMSAssist: The event was fabulous. I had such a good time.

@SueBoys: #VACONFUK11 Well done another amazing and memorable VA conference.

@debsDGvirtual: Thanks. My head is full of ideas & I met some great people on Friday. I’ll be there 2012….

@OlympicVA: Attended the 5th Nat #VA Conf & Awards on Friday, It was absolutely fab