Caroline Wylie
Caroline Wylie

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Caroline was a VA for over 16 years, starting her business Virtually Sorted in 2004 making her a pioneer of the UK VA industry. With a background in advertising and music, Caroline’s marketing background stood her in good stead to attract and develop clients, working with a team of specialist freelancers to service a wide variety of clients in a multi-VA agency.

In the ethos of “Collaboration Not Competition” Caroline joined with other VAs in 2006 to create the UK industry’s longest running VA support network, Society of Virtual Assistants. As a not for profit, SVA Virtual Assistants CIC provides free advice and support to both new and established VAs through its online forum and website, promoting excellence in the industry with free listings for Approved VAs and VA Trainers and compiling the  UK VA Survey each year.

In 2021 Caroline had an opportunity to help more SMEs by working for Scotland’s largest independent provider of business advice and she therefore shelved her VA business, but continues to run SVA Virtual Assistants CIC.

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We design and deliver solutions that manage risk, optimize benefits, cultivate talent, and expand the power of capital to protect and strengthen institutions and individuals. We strive to lead and sustain excellence. Most importantly, this means an unwavering commitment to professional development and personal growth for our people. Our colleagues take responsibility to develop their expertise.

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