Catherine Gladwyn



Catherine Gladwyn
Delegate VA and Author “How to be a Virtual Assistant”


2019 Sessions:
VA Breakfast: #MyVACareer - Can anyone start and grow a successful VA Business?

Join us for our Breakfast session to get VA Day off to a flying start. The session's Chair will ask our panel of successful and Award winning VAs to share their personal insights as to why they decided to run their own business and became a VA. Once a secret, their answers may surprise you?

Speaker profile:

Catherine had spent 20 years as an Admin Manager, PA and senior secretary for international companies, government organisations and a national charity. After neurosurgery in 2012, radiotherapy in 2014 and a diagnosis of Addison’s Disease shortly after Catherine was left with chronic health problems, including fatigue and a dependency on medication to keep her alive – stress can kill her.

Working 9-5 in a stressful, busy office environment wasn’t great for her health or work/life balance. Catherine’s family was taking a back seat too and life felt like a constant uphill struggle.

Determined to continue doing what she loved, what she’d spent her whole career doing well, Catherine read and researched how to transition from Personal Assistant to Virtual Assistant, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Catherine now has a constant manageable portfolio of clients and has developed her skills to offer a range of services, all while working the hours she wants to manage a harmonious home and work life.

As well as maintaining and growing her own business, Catherine also supports other VA’s on their journey to success and is author of the bestselling book, How To Be A Virtual Assistant . As Catherine says: ‘work isn’t supposed to be depressing, hard work and stressful so we shouldn’t accept that as the norm!’.

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