Lucy Whittington

Lucy Whittington

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  • Make Your Marketing and Sales Shine

My Thing is helping other businesses find easier, simpler or smarter ways to spend more time and get more results doing what they're brilliant at. I haven’t yet run out of marketing ideas and love figuring out different ways to work. MBA qualified but more usefully have decades of practical business experience. I've launched things - including Xero in the UK. Written things - 2 books so far & a LOT of blog posts. Developed things - I can’t code but I do like helping create and sell software that solves problems. Grown things - teams, turnover and 2 small people who haven't actually stopped growing yet! I love sharing ideas and making things work better.

Helping business owners do more of what they are brilliant at.  During this keynote session, Lucy will be helping you to “Make your Marketing and Sales Shine” using her MOPS methodology. 

It’s perfect, if you feel your sales are stuck and need a review or rethink. If you feel a change in marketing direction is needed to grow your business. Or you know it’s time to launch something new.

Then it’s time for MOPS.

It’s marketing meets sales meets what’s next. A commercially-focused review and plan for your business.