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How to Enter?

Below are the key things you need to be aware of when entering the UK VA Awards.  This page will be updated once the 2022 Awards round gets underway.

Entries for 2022 will open in the Spring of 2022. 

Entries will be via an online form. 


The key dates have not yet been set but they will be updated here. 

Our questions for 2022 are being reviewed.

These are the potential questions for all categories of the 2022 awards but there may be some additional questions relating to specific award categories once the review has taken place.

About the Business Owner:  Tell the judges about you. Include why you have a passion for your industry and share relevant qualifications and experience. NO MORE THAN 3500 characters, approximately 500 words,

About the Business: Share how you started the business, where the inspiration came from, what the business does and what is your USP? NO MORE THAN 3500 characters, approximately 500 words.

Customer Service: Share how you provide a great customer experience and how you handle problems if they occur. Include how you retain clients or how you turn them into raving fans who recommend your business. NO MORE THAN 3500 characters, approximately 500 words.

Marketing: Share how you market your business. NO MORE THAN 3500 characters, approximately 500 words.

Growth: Share how you have grown your business and any future growth plans. NO MORE THAN 3500 characters, approximately 500 words

Financials: Share your turnover, gross, and net profit for the last 12 months. Please submit evidence.  We are not judging on the numbers but we do want to see that you are financially established.

Achievements: What are your best business achievements? Highlight anything that you feel is relevant to the category you're applying for.NO MORE THAN 3500 characters, approximately 500 words

BUSINESS BIO: Summarise your business in 50 words(around 250 characters).

The entry can be written in first or third person.

You will be asked to provide evidence to support your entry.

Yes. This is a business competition, and we need to know all information about your business to enable the judges to make their decision. It’s important to answer all the questions as fully as possible. All information is in the strictest of confidence. Entries without financials will not reach the final.  The judges are not looking to judge you based on your actual numbers as every business is different, but they are looking to see business growth and that you are profitable.

Yes, most certainly. These awards focus on ordinary individuals who have achieved amazing results for themselves, their business and their clients. These awards are not about who makes the most money, but people who have made a difference and who are great ambassadors for the industry.

A panel of judges.  If the judge has knowledge of a candidate they have to declare this to the Chairman of the Awards Panel.  A list of our current judges can be found here.

These awards are not a popularity contest and so no, the public does not vote on the winners. We have an independent panel of both in- and out-of-industry experts who will review the award applications. 

If you are selected as a finalist, we would love to celebrate with you.

It really is pointless entering if you cannot make the final or have no plans to attend as many of the PR and marketing opportunities will come from the Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony.

Exact details of the Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony are still being finalised.

Being part of our Gala Dinner and Awards Presentation is a great opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy a fabulous night. 

All our finalists are worthy of recognition for their achievements, and it is hoped that you will be able to attend.

The date of the Gala Dinner and Awards are yet to be agreed.

This is a real celebration of Virtual Assistants and their entrepreneurial achievements.

If our final cannot take place face-to-face it will be online on the same day. (COVID-19 means we do need to factor these things in moving forward.)

We help all our finalists and winners with press releases in order to gain publicity.

All finalists will be sent a logo and certificate and

Winners will receive a trophy.

We will promote all winners and finalists via the VA Conference and Awards website, social media, and press releases.

Additionally, all winners will be given a complimentary lifetime directory entry on the BeMyVA Directory.

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