Penny Power OBE


Penny Power OBE




We are delighted to welcome Penny Power OBE to the VA Conference 2014.




In the New Year Honours 2014, Penny was awarded an OBE for ‘Services to Entrepreneurship in Social and Digital Development’.

Penny joined the Technology Sector in 1983 and built many sales channels. She helps people that find technology challenging.

In 1998, Penny and Thomas Power founded Ecademy, the UK’s first social network for business. LinkedIn followed in 2002 and Facebook in 2004. Penny and Thomas learned many of the lessons of building community and supporting people in this way. Ecademy was sold in 2012 – leaving a legacy of over 600,000 Micro Businesses who understood what it meant to be part of a global community as friends.

In 2009, Penny authored her book, “Know Me, Like Me Follow Me” which was followed by her Manifesto for Digital Business Britain in 2011, supported by the Minister for Business and Enterprise, Mark Prisk MP. Penny become a Sector Leader through this and learned how to help others elevate their voice in their communities and lead change through purpose.

Penny is especially focused on the Micro Businesses that employ fewer than nine people. They make up 95% of the business population and this group often find the workload and the strain of ‘going digital’ tough to manage around their already demanding schedules and business needs. To combat this resource and skill issue, Penny founded the Digital Youth Academy (DYA) bringing a new Apprenticeship and work experience opportunities to market to help young people get jobs that play to their ‘Born Digital’ strengths and embed them into our SME community to help them grow and digitally transform. In the first year of DYA, 350 young people were given a job and made to feel empowered by the difference they made.

Knowing that many large companies were now ready to begin engaging across their organisation, Penny and Thomas discovered a group of people in Silicon Valley that wanted to ‘help busy people look good online and elevate their conversation’. This year, Penny started working with Scredible and founded Scredible Professional Services, to provide a powerful solution for individuals and companies to develop their online identity and Social Credibility:

Penny is a mum of three, married for 24 years to Thomas Power and believes in the work life balance and has enjoyed juggling her life as a mum with her commitment to helping start-ups and small businesses through the digital knowledge she has built since 1998.

Penny authentically speaks about life as an entrepreneur and the importance of personal brands, family, community and friendship in business and at home