Boost your business with great PR – win an award!


Boost your business with great PR – win an award!

Obviously, running a successful and sustainable business model is about retaining existing customers, (and also adding new clients)!

As comfortable as it may be working with your existing client base, business life can be full of twists and turns – the knock on effect is that your client base will evolve and change over the years.

Successful clients may expand, move or be acquired – of course, clients can also go out of business too – frequently by means of events beyond their immediate control - perhaps due to technological or political changes (or even a banking crisis)!

Always be prepared to take on new clients, and to that in a competitive market place you need your USP’s to be in place. Marketeers are always talking about Unique Selling Points (USPs) and how they help to distinguish you from the rest of the pack – something to help the prospective client quickly identify you and your business from the next – or, why they should pay more for you than somebody else?

So have you considered your USP being that of being an industry award winner?

Previous winners of the National VA Awards have effectively used this accolade as a benefit to their business growth by incorporating the achievement within their marketing activities - recognition by your industry peers - that’s a very valuable USP!

If you haven’t previously thought about entering for any of the VA Awards before – why not consider it as part of your next review of your marketing strategy – how simple can this solution be - win an award and win new clients?