2022 Categories

Categories of the UK VA Awards

The UK VA Awards program aims to continue to provide a bridge to the wider business community. 

Our continuing goal is to promote the role and value of Virtual Assistants to the global corporates, entrepreneurs and the SME business networks.


The awards last had their categories reviewed in 2014, and so we feel it is time for a small refresh now to ensure we are adopting best business practice. 

Once the review has happened, we will of course update this page.

The categories for the UK VA Awards 2022 are currently being reviewed. Once these have been confirmed the categories listed below will be updated. 

Since 2014 we have had the following categories and we are reviewing to see if these re still relevant to the industry.

  • UK Outstanding VA
  • VA of the Year (England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland)
  • Best Newcomer (in the industry less than 15 months)
  • Regional England categories

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