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2nd March 2017 (see Feedback here:
Co-locating with Office*2017, Olympia, London.

Location: Olympia, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London, W14 8UX

2017 Agenda Details:

Celebrating 10th Anniversary of the UK VA Conference and Awards
Theme: New Frontiers – New Opportunities

Learning Objectives – a summary:

An overview of the profession and the business opportunities for 2017 and beyond
Learn tools and techniques to help you understand your own business and market positioning.
Raise awareness of the mindset transition required: from employee to business owner.
Consider what the business world and the client expects of a Virtual Assistant.

Improve understanding of the legal framework required to run a Virtual Assistant business.
Time is money – consider more effective and efficient ways of working and marketing your business.

Thursday 2nd March 2017 - Learning and Development Agenda

8:30am Keynote Theatre

Office* Show 2017 VA Breakfast – sponsored by BeMyVA

9:00 to 9::45am Free to attend – please register Expert Panel

Mapping your VA Strategy – Finding your way as a VA


Caroline Wylie
Charlotte Wibberley
Joanne Munro

As the owner of SVA (Society of Virtual Assistants), long-established VA, Caroline Wylie has regularly surveyed the VA profession and the results are enlightening for both start-up and established VAs. Caroline will share some of the findings of the latest survey, and the panel will interact with an audience Q& A session.

Our experienced panellists welcome the opportunity for sharing knowledge towards establishing and growing a VA business. Some of the myths of the VA universe are expected to be dispelled by this panel of VA community leaders!
This ‘wake up’ session to VA day is just the start of what you can learn at the UK VA Conference 2017.

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Thursday 2nd March 2017 – UK VA Conference 2017 - Learning and Development Sessions One to Five

Fees £50 + VAT for all sessions
or £15 + VAT per session
Bookings to be made via the Office* Show web site
. Click here for your free registration to attend office* and then select your education program to book your learning and development sessions. (VA Breakfast & UK VA Conference).

  UK VA Conference Theatre

UK VA Conference 2017 : “New Frontiers – New Opportunities”

10:00am Session 1: Amanda Johnson First steps to your own VA business

This session will act as a starting point for anyone interested in starting their own Virtual Assistant business.  It may be that you are looking for a new career, or that you are looking for something that can be done part-time alongside your current employment or family commitments.  Maybe you’ve just been made redundant or approaching retirement age and are considering setting up as a VA and wondering whether there is a place for you in the market place. In this session,  Amanda wants to give you the answers to the common questions most new VAs have; she will cover everything from the research to do, the business structure to create, the legalities around setting up as a VA through to the services to offer, how to get the clients, the fees to charge, how to get paid and everything else in between.  

11:15am Session 2: Joanne Hawkins
The Networking Jungle & how to use your own animal instincts

The networking world can be a daunting place but Joanne believes that, by approaching the event from a different angle, you can put yourself at ease.  Joanne will look at the prospective business prey we meet at networking events, how to spot them, interact with them and win their business by identifying your inner animal.

12:30pm Session 3: Susan Moore
It's a big world out there: Working with Associates + Internationally

If you’re serious about growing your VA business, there comes a point when you have to grow your team.  The beauty of working virtually is that your team – and your clients – can be located across the globe.  In this session, Susan Moore will highlight the benefits and pitfalls of working with Associates and clients who are virtually global.

1:30pm Lunch   Lunch in not included, please visit one of the show's refreshment areas
2:00pm Session 4: Aimee Bateman

From Home Office to Global Recognition (with video marketing)


Following a decade as a leading recruiter, Aimee felt a deep desire to help passionate jobseekers find and communicate their voice in a very competitive marketplace. She bought a second-hand camera from eBay and started making YouTube videos in her lounge. The production quality was not the best (her cat made an appearance in one, as did a microwave lasagna) but the content was special, very special indeed. What she did was very obvious. She provided top quality careers advice, but her ‘why’ is what really captured people’s attention. Five years on is an award winning, online learning platform with more than 17 million viewings.

3:00pm   UK VA Awards Announcements and Presentations  
      pa-assist Members Voice Award: VA Training Provider
UK Best Newcomer VA 2017
Outstanding VA 2017
3:15pm Session 5: Lilach Bullock Getting Lost in Social Media - Top tips + tricks for success
      As a former Virtual Assistant, (and Best Newcomer VA Finalist) 10 years ago, Lilach quickly discovered that her entrepreneurial spirit and talents led her to another exciting career path. Now, listed in Forbes as one of the top 20 women social media power influencers and likewise as one of the top social media power influencers, she is one of the most dynamic personalities in the social media market and has also been crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle (+ more)! Hold on tight, as Lilach’s fast thinking approach will provide a range of “do or don’t” points for your social media activities.
4:30pm Sessions Close: UK VA Conference    

Venue Close:Office* Show Closes


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